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Computer Assisted Protection Plug Testing Equipment



Computer assisted Testing Equipment is for testing the functional parameters of the protection plug, like Continuity, DC Spark Over voltage, trip time and resistance imbalance this will include recording the Test results. This should preferably be compatible with MFG-Pro functionalities. The equipment should be fully integrated with a PC.





The Input Protection Module (IPM) relates to a protection plug used in the telephone exchanges to protect the electronic exchanges from over voltage and over current. These plugs are used at the interface between the subscriber line and the exchange lines. This interface is called Main Distribution Frames (MDF).The protection of the electronic exchanges from over voltage and over current is ordinarily ensured by providing a GDT (Gas Discharge Tube) also called Arrester and a PTC thermistor.

The subject instrument is designed to test the important electrical characteristics of both the GDT and the PTC thermistor in an assembled state which is called the protection plug. Normally a protection plug comprises one three pole GDT and two PTC thermistors. A GDT (Arrester) provides protection to personnel and equipment from abnormally high voltages which can be due to the result of lightning or electromagnetic induction.

The surge limiting characteristics are designed to meet specific requirements. When the abnormal voltage reaches the specified level, a spark over occurs within the gas tube, and the surge is redirected to earth thus protecting the personnel and the equipment.

It is thus necessary to ensure that the protection plug is built to meet various specified parameters to ensure that use of this component actually protects the personnel and equipment. The important parameter that need to be checked for compliance is spark over or strike over voltage.

PTC or Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor is an electronic device. This device ensures that current beyond specified value is prevented from flowing through it. This is achieved by the increase of resistance of the device which is proportional to the increase in temperature (Excess current raises the temperature of the device). By limiting the current in this way, the Exchange Equipment is protected from External Overload and Short circuit. This makes the Exchange Equipment totally safe under all circumstances. The important parameters that need to be checked for compliance are resistance & tripping& holding current characteristics of PTC.


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