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Advanced Encryption Standard



AES is a block cipher. The original name of the algorithm was Rijndael. Rijndael was chosen as the algorithm for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in 2001. Rijndael was designed by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen.





Rijndael consists of a number of rounds, each round makes a number of transformations on a state, and uses a round key derived from the encryption key. The number of rounds depends on the block and key size. An encryption of a block starts with a transformation Add-Round-Key, this is followed by an odd number of regular rounds, and ends with a special final round. The reason the final round is different has nothing to do with security, but was done to makes it possible to reuse encryption code to do the decryption.

Rijndael operates on a state that is initialized with a plaintext block, and after encryption this contains the cipher text. The state can be pictured as an rectangular array of bytes. It consists of four rows and a number of columns defined by the block size in bytes divided by four. A block size of 128 bit, would require a state of four rows and (128/8)/4 = 4 columns.


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