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Our mission is to contribute to VLSI design, Matlab and performance expertise into leading-edge designs for high-performance computing applications. This is done through exploration of new system designs and organizations, circuits, and design tools and methodologies. A key goal is to continue to drive innovative exploratory ideas into real products.


It is an Environment for technical computing, data analysis and visualization.

MATLAB and companion toolboxes provide engineers, scientists, mathematicians, and educators with an environment for technical computing applications. These products serve a broad range of tasks across a variety of disciplines.  MATLAB is a high-performance language that integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. Typical uses include: computation, algorithm development, modeling, simulation and prototyping, data analysis, exploration and visualization, scientific and engineering graphics, and application development.

With its more than 1000 mathematical, statistical, and engineering functions, MATLAB gives you immediate access to high-performance numerical computing. This functionality is extended with interactive graphical capabilities for creating plots, images, surfaces, and volumetric representations. Leading-edge toolbox algorithms enhance MATLAB’s functionality in domains such as signal and image processing, data analysis and statistics, mathematical modeling, and control design. Toolboxes are collections of algorithms, written by experts in their fields that provide application-specific numerical, analysis, and graphical capabilities.

MATLAB supports the entire data analysis process, from acquiring data from external devices and databases to producing presentation-quality output. The MATLAB environment offers: A flexible analysis platform;  Straightforward access to a variety of data types; Functions for preprocessing data including data reduction and manipulation; Fast and accurate analysis functions; Advanced analysis methods via toolboxes; Graphics and reporting methods to help you understand and present your data.

Current areas of research in MATLAB are:

Image Processing:
Watermarking, Stenography, Cryptography, Compression, Biometric   Information,Motion Detection, Trucking & Recognition, Gesture Recognition.

Ad-hoc, Localization, Energy Efficient Transmission, Clustering.

OFDM, Image Transmission, Energy Saving, PAPR Reduction.


VLSI field which involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas. Thanks to VLSI, circuits that would have taken boardfuls of space can now be put into a small space few millimeters across! This has opened up a big opportunity to do things that were not possible before. VLSI circuits are everywhere … your computer, your car, your brand new state-of-the-art digital camera, the cell-phones, and what have you. All this involves a lot of expertise on many fronts within the same field.

VLSI has been around for a long time, there is nothing new about it … but as a side effect of advances in the world of computers, there has been a dramatic proliferation of tools that can be used to design VLSI circuits. Alongside, obeying Moore’s law, the capability of an IC has increased exponentially over the years, in terms of computation power, utilization of available area, yield. The combined effect of these two advances is that people can now put diverse functionality into the IC’s, opening up new frontiers. Examples are embedded systems, where intelligent devices are put inside everyday objects, and ubiquitous computing where small computing devices proliferate to such an extent that even the shoes you wear may actually do something useful like monitoring your heartbeats!

Current areas of research in VLSI DESIGN are:

  • Communications
  • Networking
  • Cryptography
  • Image Processing
  • Compression
  • Neural Networks
  • Biomedical Electronics
  • Mathematics and Aerospace Based


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